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Paying it forward and fueling the flames of entrepreneurship, one person at a time. 

Ask yourself,
"What did you do to make money today?"


Some people know me as a serial entrepreneur. Others have referred to me as a "sales generating machine."`

I like to think of myself as a businesswoman, passionate about inspiring others to be their best self.


As a seasoned leader with more than 25 years of experience, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating and working with several well-known household brands in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Know Your Strengths

Mary Nelson, Nelihome

"Kiley Doll has been an invaluable source of sound, savoy business advice...


I have made some effective decisions based on her experience and council. She always has my best interests at heart.  Kiley looks for cost effective solutions for business growth and provides a keen perspective of all the stakeholders involved. She always looks for the practical solution to solve an issue, not the most costly. She thinks through multiple courses of action and will give you the pros and cons to each one based on her vast experience. She is of the highest moral and ethical charter.


On a more personal note, Kiley is an individual you'll love be around. She has incredible energy and you feel as if she truly cares about you and your success. I would highly recommend Kiley as a mentor and friend to any entrepreneur or organization.​"




Kiley and the Goodman Lantern team have been instrumental advisors for clients and brands across market segment, industry size and geographic location. It is difficult to find partners who can actually deliver on the promises they make. Coming from a Fortune 50 company, my standards are higher than most can meet. Kiley and her team do not disappoint!

Ryan - Silver Mountain Solutions

Sometimes someone comes into your life and small miracles happen. When Kiley said she would help me, I had no idea what I was in for. In a few short mentoring sessions we had a business plan, flyers, and her team had my website done faster than I can clean a house! I have more than quadrupled my business and now have hired some additional help.  

Martha - MM Cleanup

I’m a very creative person, so focussing on the business aspect was difficult. I needed Kiley to come in and show me a workable step-by-step plan. I’m now doing what I love and I’m making money at it!

Brittany - Brittany Does Beauty

When I met Kiley I never would have thought my company had the power to expand internationally. She worked with us and gave us great plan to follow. We now have our global website up, have shipped to others countries and looking to expand.

Abel - Carvings of Zim

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With the skill to hold an audience, I love sharing what I've learned with other startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs. 


I'm passionate about empowerment. Mentorship is close to my heart - particularly the plight of


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