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Be Extraordinary: 5 Habits of Successful Salespeople

January 29, 2018



You can spot a run-of-the-mill salesperson from a mile away. A great salesperson, however, is so in tune with their job, that you’re already whipping out your credit card before they’ve started their pitch.


Okay, the scenario probably isn’t quite that drastic but it’s pretty close. The disparity between decent salespeople and amazing ones is astounding. Here’s a quick run-down of those differences:


  1. Average sales reps reach their designated quota most of the time.
    Amazing reps exceed their quota consistently, and record-setting months are not uncommon.

  2. Average salespeople strive to earn the trust and respect of their clients.
    Amazing salespeople aim for admiration, loyalty, and referrals - it’s all about guaranteeing future results.

  3. Average reps are good at fielding criticisms, and can keep a level head in a crisis.
    Amazing reps pre-empt potential objections, and take care of the problem long before it arises.

You can make a decent living as a regular sales rep. If you’re aiming to climb the ladder, however, you’re going to want to develop some smart habits to help you succeed.




  1. Don’t Let Intuition Alone Guide You

    Low performance happens as a result of following a hunch rather than having a plan. Sure, instinct comes into play, but it’s not the be all and end all. A high-performing sales rep will develop a reliable process that help them move tons of prospects from “connect” to “close”.

    With an optimized approach, it’s virtually impossible to let things slip through the cracks. It’s important to know the state of every deal in the pipeline and what the next steps in the process will be. By continuously reviewing their metrics, clever sales reps are able to make adjustments and continue on a winning streak.  

  2. Know Your Product

    This seems fairly obvious but you’d be surprised by the number of sales reps out there who never take the time to study and understand their product. Gone are the days where you could rely on charm to get you through. The modern consumer wants information; they’re looking for products that contribute value to their lives. If you’re not answer questions adequately, you’re not going to get results.

  3. Believe in the Product You’re Selling

    It’s not enough to simply know about your product. You need to really believe in it. Use the product and develop your own connection with it. It’s almost impossible to sell something you’re not fond of; don’t let yourself become one of those people who starts to hate the selling process because of a bad product.

    It also helps to source testimonials from satisfied clients. A little inspiration goes a long way when you’re building up a solid rapport.


  4. Start That Hacking Process

    A successful sales rep works smart, not hard. That isn’t to say that they don’t expend a huge amount of effort. It simply means that the effort is targeted, rather than shooting blindly and hoping for the best.

    As a salesperson you know that you’re working against the clock. Find a technique that works and stick with it until there’s a real need to develop a new tactic. In the sales game there’s no time to keep continuously experimenting. The focus should be on true selling. It might be hit-and-miss occasionally, but when you find a technique that generates results, stick to it like white on rice until it no longer works.

  5. Follow Up or Fail

    Too many sales reps send out that initial email without ever bothering to check if the recipient opened, or indeed received, the mail at all. It’s important to track sales emails, discover who opened them, and develop a personable way of following up. The modern consumer is looking for that personal touch. No-responsibility, cold emailing is a thing of the past.

Being successful in sales isn’t rocket science. The key is to be really passionate about what you do. Love your product and you’ll love selling your product. The fact of the matter is that anyone can be an amazing rep; all it takes is motivation.



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