Kiley's Quick Answers: Why Do You Need a Website & Social Media?

Marketing your business in today’s competitive business world can be tricky, and your strategies may need to change with the launch of a new Google algorithm or new social media app. But there are some primary principles that will always be consistent….

Your Website is your Kingdom

If you work in the digital industry, you know you need a website. But do you know how important it is to your business? Your website could be the first port of call for any new customer, here you can share your story, connect with people directly and most importantly, create that important first impression.

Make sure your online presence is up to scratch by having an engaging customer experience, top-notch branding and easy navigation. Simple.

SEO & Social Media

When you think of Search engine optimization you might not realise how important your social media strategy is to this. SEO commands a regular stream of high-quality and relevant content, and having active social media accounts will actually boost authority and visibility on Google.

You should know that you can’t achieve results just by sharing your product links and blog posts all the time. Instead, you must focus on building conversations and boosting engagement. Proactively reaching out to your target audience. right use of it.

Ultimately, engagement is the only way forward on social media. Without engagement, your followers will become a liability and hurt the visibility of your social media updates.