Failure is NOT an Option

What is failure, exactly?

Is it bad timing? Is it a limitation? Is it a warning sign? A stepping stone?

Honestly, failure is so many things to so many people. It's totally subjective.

Here's what's important to remember: Failure is not the end of the road. Failure on its own is not an option.

In the very first Entrepreneur's Hangout Podcast, I chat with Russell Furr, President of

Culpeper Home Services.

We're talking about Russell's entrepreneurial journey and how he went from zero to hero. We're also taking a closer look at the DDD approach to business.

Why is Failure Such a Hot Topic for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are passionate, motivated, and driven by success. It's really hard for them to consider - nevermind accept - failure. When all you can think about is success, goals and growth, having a back-up plan isn't on your radar.

Here's a huge memo in PINK INK: You need to realize that it’s possible to fail so that you can be prepared to deal with potentially business-killing scenarios.

You've got to think about challenges you may face, how you will handle them, and what you will do if you do stare failure in the face.

Russell gives us a look into his previous business, his low points, and how he's built himself up from there.

SPOILER ALERT: Your support network is everything!

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