The Business Accelerator Program

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8 Weeks

The Business Accelerator Program


Kiley Doll

Kiley is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for networking. She has helped companies across the globe boost their sales and revenue. She has worked with a professional remote team for 18 years now, and she just loves taking on new projects and making them a success.

Her major focus is helping small start-ups grow into something bigger - She is here to guide entrepreneurs and business owners in realizing their goals and dreams. There's no easy path to success but if you learn to enjoy the journey and have a helping hand (or two) along the way, it makes the end result even sweeter,

About the course

Vision: My entire vision for my program is to start with an 8-week accelerator program. This will be me talking about the process in a video with a presentation and forms. From there, I’d like to move on to a master class and after that, an alumni course.

The problem I am solving: As a serial entrepreneur I have developed proven techniques to get my business to grow and be more profitable. I want to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

My first 8-week program is all about smaller, bite-size info to help my IC get over the “invisible bridge” standing between the place they’re at and the place they want to be. I want to help solve their problems. My course is for people who are unsure about the idea, concept, or existing business that isn’t doing what they thought it would. My main goal is to be a support system for entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed because they have NO real systems or structures in place.

Why: From my experience as a serial entrepreneur and business owner, I’ve been through it all. I understand other entrepreneurs. I feel their pain in wanting success but not knowing how to get it. If I can help one person at a time become more successful and profitable they will, in turn, be better, mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers. They have the potential to become better people because with profitability comes financial stability and independence.